Swift and the UIAppearance proxy

I’m trying to push a bit of polish to a small app written 100% in Swift.

To be short: it’s no more 100%

What has gone wrong that Swift is not (yet?) able to achieve?

Have you ever tried to use UIAppearance interface in Swift? It works pretty well… until you try to do useful things like:

[[UIBarButtonItem appearanceWhenContainedIn: [UINavigationBar class], nil]
            setBackgroundImage: myNavBarButtonBackgroundImage 
                      forState: state 
                    barMetrics: metrics];

It’s just not possible. Game over. The appearanceWhenContainedIn: method is not even mapped to Swift in the reference documentation.

It’s seems that issue is cause by incompatibility between Objective-C and Swift way to handle multiple parameters methods calls. But I’m not sure on that.

I hope this will be fixed when Swift 1.2 will be made available. I don’t have to clone my project and convert it to 1.2 yet.

Did anyone have any information on this?

Until then I have to go back to old and beloved Objective-C and play a bit with bridging.