Simple keyboard listener in Swift

I’ve just published a small sample project to provide a reusable keyboard listener that will ensure that an input field won’t be hidden under the keyboard.

This require to embed your input fields inside a UIScrollView object.

If you are using a UITableView, this is already the case.

You need to implement a getter closure that will return the currently active input field.

How can you use this class?

Just import the framework:

import SGiT_KeyboardListener

Then your controller shall declare a variable to keep reference to the listener:

var keyboardListener: KeyboardListener?

Creat the listener when the view is loaded:

override public func viewDidLoad()

    keyboardListener = KeyboardListener(scrollView: tableView, controller: self) {
        return self.activeField

    // to be continued...

And that’s all.

More information in the repository Swift-SGiTKeyboardListener

Feedback is welcome!