Welcome on my coding blog.

What is this blog about?

You shall not find here anything but coding tips, snippets and small sample projects.

As most of my daily works are using Java and web technologies I might post a bit about JavaScript and jQuery.

But my heart belongs to NeXTStep, so be sure I will post about Objective-C and Cocoa on both OS X and iOS.

But time flies and now Swift is the present and future for all Apple-owned platforms. Expect to find post about experiments, learnings and some sample code.

Who am I?

I’m a developer. I love coding on Mac and iOS in my spare time.

I wrote a book, now out of print, about Objective-C 2.

I also published another one about OS X Automator tool.

More of me on the web?

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog. Feel free to contact me. Always happy to chat!